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Courses' evaluation process

Avatar Sébastien Grégoire
Courses' evaluation process
par Sébastien Grégoire, vendredi 3 mars 2017, 10:08

Dear HEC Student ,
Every year, we ask the students to evaluate their courses.  This process has just started for the courses completed during the first semester.  

It is extremely important for us that you participate to the evaluation process, and this is even more important for you!  The first goal is indeed to continuously improve the quality of our services to you.   This evaluation process, code name EVALENS, is our first tool to take your opinion and advice into account.  These are not just words.   Our quality process is recognized and is one of the reasons why we obtained the EQUIS accreditation, why we are now acknowledged by the EFMD as belonging to the top one percent of leading business schools around the world.   It is therefore also important for the recognition of the quality of your training and of your diploma by the market.  In practice, each professor receives directly your (anonymous) feedback for his/her courses and is therefore able to adjust globally his/her teaching approaches . Moreover, at the HEC Liège level, a committee analyses all your answers and has a range of measures at its disposal to take actions.  We really do it.  When the evaluation of both semesters will be available, I'll personally meet HEC student representatives to explain what was done based on the evaluation.  

However, it can only work if you help us and massively participate to the evaluation.  Without a high rate of response, the results will not be representative and no action can then be taken.  Please, participate and convince your friends to do it!

1) You should access the evaluation process through My.ULg:   
    Explanations are provided in the attached document.
2) The evaluation process is open until the 27th of March.
3) It is anonymous!  Our goal is to evaluate the courses and certainly not you.  Answer freely.  No personal information is transmitted to the professors nor to the committee.  If there are too few answers for a course, the results are not communicated to the professor to avoid any possibility of identification.  But then, you may wonder why you have to provide an identification?   We must ask you to initially identify yourself on My.ULg in order to identify the list of courses you have to evaluate.  We must do it to avoid that a same student answers several times a same course.  We'll also use the login information (only) to eventually send a friendly reminder to the students who could have forgotten to participate.  However, the login id and your answers are kept separately to preserve the anonymity.  Only the answers are transmitted to HEC by the University.
4) Time is money.  For each course, we have selected only a limited number of questions using a scale of 1-6 (1 = strongly disagree, 6 = strongly agree).  It should not take too much of your time.
5) Please, if the question does not seem clear enough or if you just wish to provide a more precise answer, use the comment form available on the right of each question (a plus sheet icon).  You can also do it for the whole course using the "comment" field at the bottom of the page.  We really like your comments!

Don't forget, we don't do it to bother you, but to take your opinion into account.  Help us, help you!
Thank you for your help!

Best regards,
Michaël Schyns
Academic Director for Education

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